B and K Carnival

Dependable, Safe, and a Great Deal of Fun!
Welcome to B&K Carnival Co.

We provide Rides, Games, and food for festivals and events. We give our clients a chance to relax and enjoy the fun along with their guests! Why worry about micromanaging when we can do that for you!

B&K can provide you any size amusement device from a Little Train ride to a huge mechanical carnival ride. We maintain a strong line of rides, games, and interactive devices that are in house owned. Owning the rides makes us 100% dependable.

We take great pride in our operation and it shows in the quality presentation. We will be on time to your event. The equipment will operate and look good.

A member of the management team comes to every event along with trained ride staff. if you need our help, we are there with you. We are not a part-time business and you will not get part-time service. We also offer popular ticket promotions: pay on price, dollar a day, and discount advance sales.

Our people at B and K Carnival
B and K Carnival
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