Dependable, Safe, and a Great Deal of Fun!
Welcome to B&K Carnival Co.

We provide Rides, Games, and food for festivals and events. We give our clients a chance to relax and enjoy the fun along with their guests! Why worry about micromanaging when we can do that for you!

B&K can provide you any size amusement device from a Little Train ride to a huge mechanical carnival ride. We maintain a strong line of rides, games, and interactive devices that are in house owned. Owning the rides makes us 100% dependable.

We take great pride in our operation and it shows in the quality presentation. We will be on time to your event. The equipment will operate and look good.

A member of the management team comes to every event along with trained ride staff. if you need our help, we are there with you. We are not a part-time business and you will not get part-time service. We also offer popular ticket promotions: pay on price, dollar a day, and discount advance sales.

Amusement rides are a colorful and fun exciting part of any event. We have built a reputation for giving our clients dependability and success for their events, and providing family fun rides and entertainment.

Because of our close watch for safety guidelines and rules our rides are not privately and state inspected. fully insured and manned by experience operators.


B & K Carnival Company, Inc.
PO Box 28, Gresham, SC 29546 | P: 843-992-3277 | F: 864-752-1206